Starting All Over Again!

For the past few months I got really down… Stopped blogging and just thought enough was enough! Why you may ask?

Because I lost it ALL… Everything I blogged about regarding ‘Personal Finance’ was GONE! Years of sharing Inspiration, Experience, Advice…etc on ‘Personal Finance’ was by accident deleted 😦

So I stopped… No more blogging for me! But TODAY was just one of those WAKE-UP DAYS, where you end up looking at yourself and start wondering; what has all the mopping truly been all about?!?!

THINGS HAPPEN… It how we handle the situation that counts! It’s the same for our Personal Finance; we either get down about what we don’t have, what went wrong or who used us, instead of seeing every ‘Financial Challenge’ as a ‘New Beginning’ of getting things right again!

So, as my cousin always says, “Watch this space”, cause it’s DELGABRE and MY ‘NEW START’… We’re back to BLOGGING AGAIN! 😀

So here is the first bit of advice I found to be helpful:



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